The Mountains Talk

16 09 2014

Past clients of Jenman Island Safaris now use their private 18-day trip to Madagascar, coupled with their love for the island, as part of a presentation they give to people who’re interested in learning more about it. Full-to-bursting with fascinating information, it’s a talk that not only offers a unique glimpse into the sights and sounds of the island, but is also guaranteed to inspire wanderlust in absolutely everyone who is lucky enough to witness it. We’re giving you a little glimpse of some of what they talk about, as additional inspiration to get you booking your tour to the truly spectacular island of Madagascar.

Madagascar Beach

One of the beautiful beaches of Madagascar


The Heartbeat of Africa is the Beat of a Drum

28 08 2014

Drums hold a very special place in African history and culture. For the Western world, drums are mainly relegated to the realm of entertainment, adding another musical dimension to songs and other performances. In Africa, drums hold various symbolic meanings that have played an important part in the history of the people who call the continent their home.


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Mount Kenya – The Second Highest Mountain in Africa

20 08 2014

Second only on the African continent to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya registers its height at a staggering 5 199-metres. Perched upon a now extinct volcano, the Mountain has two peaks, which can only be reached by technical climbers, with a third that is accessible for hikers. This third summit is known as Point Lenana and offers nature lovers from around the world the chance to witness a variety of African wildlife that call these slopes their home.

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How Creative Africa Can Be

11 08 2014

It’s no news to anyone that Africa is a beautiful continent filled with amazing people. But many of you may not be aware of how amazing these people really are! Many African countries may not have much, but they make up for this with their creativity. Below is some incredible photos which show just how creative African people can be!

Thank you for these wonderful pictures

Motor bike back seats are quite uncomfortable! Why not take the couch you’re not using and strap that on instead.

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My Top 10 Highlights of Botswana and Zimbabwe

8 08 2014

Just before my trip while I was packing my bags, I got this familiar feeling of butterflies in my tummy. I was preparing for my long journey ahead through Botswana to Zimbabwe for the next 16 days.

So off I went and joined the Jenman tour called the Botswana Untouched, as I waited in anticipation for that highlight of my trip that I knew would make my whole trip worth it.

Little did I know I would enjoy so many things on my trip. I just have to share this with everyone.

Highlight 1: Khama Rhino Sanctuary
As we made our way from Johannesburg to Serowe within 3 days, we visited the Khama Rhino Sanctuary. I truly found peace in my heart for the Rhino’s. I didn’t realize how strong I felt about the rhinos and the protection of rhinos until I came here and saw them healthy, and in their own space. Our group sat in that vehicle in awe to witness the peace and the protected environment the rhino’s are in.

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Our Junior Online Marketing Manager climbs the Drakensberg Mountains

6 08 2014

When he’s not on Facebook or playing around on the internet, Gareth lives a fairly normal life with his wife out in the suburbs of Cape Town. His best friend Devon Van Breda is in a similar boat, living a fairly normal life as a doctor in the KwaZulu-Natal country side. But both of them have a lust for adventure and a few weeks ago, they combined this misguided anxiety on the Drakensberg Mountains… and they filmed it!

After watching this video we realised it could be shared on our Jenman Blog, not just because it’s funny, but because it shows what not to do on a tour. Like nearly getting bitten by a snake is something you try avoid, but somehow these guys kept hiking through the snake infested area (Not very bright)! Click the video below to see Bear Grylls impersonations, Lion King Re-enactments, the whitest guy in Africa and of course, the incredibly beautiful Drakensberg Mountains.

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5 ‘Manly’ things to do in Southern Africa

29 07 2014

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than planning an adventure with your friends, and yes there is more out there to be explored than just sharing some beers around the braai stand and watching sport. Southern Africa offers a lot of exciting options when it comes to some good old fun and adventure from quad biking in Namibia to taking a road trip, why not try some of these exciting excursions for your next adventure:

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Have a Laugh at Culture Shock

23 07 2014

Culture shock is that disorientated, depressed feeling experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. It can creep up on you at any stage of your holiday and can leave you dreading every minute. When you’ve built up your hopes, dreams and bank account to go on an exotic vacation, the last thing you want is for something to destroy your holiday, and in some cases… your life.

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