The fight against rhino poaching is taken to the next level with Drones

17 04 2014

If you spend some time at Ol Pejeta Wildlife Sanctuary on the slopes of Mt Kenya you may see a strange flying object overhead. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just Aerial RangerTM, an automated air craft monitoring the 90 000 hectare grounds for poaching.

Image: Mock-up of Aerial RangerTM


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The Ship Wrecks of the Cape of Good Hope

15 04 2014

The ‘Graveyard of ships’ is the apt name of the Cape of Good Hope for this coastal line is marred with nearly 3000 sunken ships. So many stories lie at the pit of this merciless ocean and only a few of them have submerged to keep the ships alive. In this blog, we take you through the most famous along with where you can go find them and their stories next time you book your stay with us in Cape Town.

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The Mystery of the Gods’ Hills

10 04 2014

Many people travel to the ancient sacred sites and mystical locations of the world to experience the almost magnetic pull that radiates around them. In Africa, there are few places that radiate as powerful a spiritual aura as the Tsodilo Hills, located in north-western Botswana. Roughly arranged in a straight line, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Tsodilo Hills consists of four hills, with the tallest reaching a height of 410m.

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What people wear in different african countries

7 04 2014

As the world’s second largest continent, it is difficult to define what people in every different African country in a single blog post. Their traditional dress is dictated to as much by the climate in which they live, as it is by the culture, and an individual’s socioeconomic standing.

Many of the different parts of the continent play home to a different nationality of people, with their own distinct traditional dress. And while modern times have seen a move away from the traditional dress for many of these people, there is still importance in learning more about it and how it informs the culture of the people who wore it. What follows is an exploration of the history of clothing in Africa, and some note-worthy examples of the traditional dress worn in such countries as Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Madagascar.


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Did you know Southern Africa

1 04 2014

Southern Africa is a traveller’s paradise with so much to explore and to see within a region rich in wildlife, fauna and amazing cultural diversity. It is a destination that leaves you spoilt for choice with so many amazing activities and wonderful adventures to be experienced. Each country in the southern region of Africa has its own set of unique attributes that set it apart from the other, how much do you know about each of these wonderful countries…

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3 Botswana meals you have to try

27 03 2014

One of the best experiences during travelling is to get to know other cultures, customs and traditions. A good way to start with these experiences is through trying the cuisine of the different countries. Botswana is renown for their rich range of wildlife. But only a minority of people know that the cuisine is exceptionally good and must most certainly be tried. Despite beans and maize, Botswana is also “famous” for the high quality of its local beef. Many tourists only eat the upmarket cuisine at the lodges. So why don’t you go beyond the average traveller and try the traditional dishes of Botswana?

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25 03 2014

Cape Town was recently voted the number one destination to see and visit in 2014 by the prestigious The New York Times Travel ’52 Places to Go in 2014’ list earlier this year. This comes as no surprise as this magical city has so much to offer all of its visitors. Depending on what you are looking for, be it a cultural experience, adventure filled holiday, to trying some of the world’s best wines, Cape Town offers all this and more. Most people are unaware that Cape Town also offers a host of adrenaline-pumping activities that will get your heart rate going. Here are some of the outrageous activities you can look forward to in the Mother City…

Shark Cage Diving – Outrageous at it seems yes people actually love to dive in the ocean and get up-close to these ocean predators. With over 40 species that can be found in Cape Town, this makes the city a popular attraction for the heart-pumping shark cage diving activity. We recommend making the journey to Gansbaii, known as the white shark capital of the world.

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God’s Window – Divine Views

20 03 2014

When traveling, most people are constantly looking for sights that will take their breath away. Sights that will make them happy. Sights that will leave them inspired. Sights that will make them feel small. Sights that will remind them how beautiful our world is. And sights that they will never forget.

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